“We are kind of like one big family.”
-elvina - Mentee

What's needed from a Camp Leader?

Camp Leaders volunteer part time until camp begins in August where you, alongside 1-2 others on site, will run a camp of 40-50 children and 15-20 mentors.  

The Camp Leaders will work alongside the Project Manager and each other to organize the camp in the lead up to it and then run the camps in August.  This role includes tasks such as mentor recruitment, timetabling, organizing a trip to Cambridge University and organizing external workshops, as well as managing the day-to-day running of the camp in August.

Being a Lauriston Lights Camp Leader gives you the opportunity to develop invaluable management skills and other transferable skills that will be useful for any job you go on to apply for post-university. You play a pivotal role and have a huge influence, not only within the camp but also on the future of Lauriston Lights.   As a Camp Leader you will be a leader and a role model. Not only will you be setting an example for the children; you will also be a role model for the mentors and hopefully inspire them to apply for the role the following year.  

‘Being a Lauriston Lights Camp Leader taught me so much about leadership and management. I loved the level of responsibility that I had and felt fully supported within my team. I learnt so many invaluable skills and have been able to take a lot of what I learned into jobs and other internships I did afterwards. Kitty, Camp Leader, 2016

‘To be able to have the opportunity to be a part of such an inspiring mission alongside my university studies was amazing. Not only did I learn a lot about leadership, I also learnt about my strengths and weaknesses and teamwork all whilst working towards a vision that I felt really passionate about.’ Freddie, Camp Leader, 2016

To be a camp leader email usapplications.lauristonlights@gmail.com.